China’s new dynamics require better methods.

GreenPoint is a boutique U.S.-China strategic advisory firm, with offices in Beijing and Washington, D.C. GreenPoint was founded in 2010 on the belief that there are more effective and satisfying ways for leaders to engage China. The accelerating complexity of the Chinese political, commercial, economic, and social environment, along with increasing tension/friction in the U.S.-China relationship, makes decision-making ever more challenging. One-dimensional strategies and narrowly focused engagements are no longer sufficient. Success in China requires a multidimensional perspective informed by first-hand understanding, broad relationships, and deep research and analysis. GreenPoint’s strategies are designed to develop critical insights, navigate complexity, and leverage stakeholders to drive results around client objectives.


GreenPoint is named in honor of the people of Greensburg, Kansas, a Midwestern town that was destroyed by a tornado in 2007. Following the tornado, the community committed to building back stronger, better, and greener. The Greensburg story also provides an example of U.S.-China cooperation. In December 2008, Greensburg officials visited Mianzhu, a city that had been destroyed in Sichuan province’s May 2008 magnitude 8.0 earthquake, to share expertise and best practices in rebuilding.